POLS 5385:  Causal Inference


In this class we study the problem of causal inference, the experimental ideal, and methods that attempt to produce causal estimates of policies / treatments from observational data. A basic knowledge of linear regression and stats is assumed. We will study selection bias and internal vs. external validity. We study some problems with regression analysis, then cover 4 quasi-experimental methods which are: Difference in Difference, Propensity Score Matching, Synthetic Control, and Regression Discontinuity


POLS 5365:  Political Economy of  Institutions 



This class studies how institutions affect political and economic performance. We will cover varieties of governance, the Bretton Woods Institutions, culture/trust/corruption, the modern impact of historical institutions, sanctions, rent-seeking, state capacity and state failure. The main emphasis is on getting students into writing their own research on one of these topics.

Short Video Course on Quasi-Experimental Methods

I have made 9 videos available on YouTube that comprise a short course covering the problem of causality in observational data, difference in differences, matching, synthetic control, and regression discontinuity. The link to these videos is here